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    Binapex is a new, fast and safe platform where you can trade and keep track of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies!

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    When it comes to trading ICO Tokens, Binapex provides fast and safe transactions without delays. Our mission is to provide the best service for our users!

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Binapex.com is a simple, convenient and secure cryptocurrency, fiat currency and token exchange platform. It takes just a few minutes to top up your balance, make a profitable deal on a regular or margin market, fix your profit and withdraw the earned money. Margin market available for a number of trading pairs allows transactions with a leverage up to x10. Binapex.com grants access to real-time trading data and charts, providing a world-class cryptocurrency exchange service.

Binapex.com operates under the official control of Binapex Ltd. Strict adherence to legal regulations and advanced client security are the main priorities of Binapex. Binapex.com offers the best global platform for transparent cryptocurrency trading. There are a number of similar exchanges that provide bitcoin trading platforms. The Bitcoin code is one such advanced trading platform where you can improve the efficiency of your bitcoin trading.It handles trading procedures for its users automatically, making bitcoin trading a stress-free and profitable experience.

Binapex Crypto Index 100 (BACIX 100)

Current value BACIX 100: ( in 24 hours )

BACIX 100 is a rules-based index designed to objectively measure the overall long-term and short-term dynamics of cryptocurrency market. The crypto market is widely accepted in the casino industry. Crypto casinos like the lucky block casino are gaining wide popularity as they allow players to use cryptocurrencies for their deposit and withdrawal. Thus, it is an ideal choice for crypto users to play casino games. This is achieved by real-time tracking 100 cryptocurrencies that had the largest market capitalization as of 1 January 2019. BACIX 100 index serves as a tool for passive investors to participate in this asset class, and as an industry benchmark for investment managers.

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As COVID19 spreads on, many companies have shut down for quarantine or allowed their employees to work remotely. Binapex exchange team assures that the quality of service will not be influenced by the current situation and the exchange will operate normally.
In the meantime, take all the...

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Indian Supreme court has defeated the ban on dealing with crypto business imposed by the Reserve bank of India!
Binapex is happy to congratulate India on such great news, remarkable to both crypto community and the entire world!

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Dear Traders!
Thank you for the numerous feedbacks on Binapex exchange! We strive after the better service and user experience on our platform, so your thoughts on how to improve mean a great deal to us.
That is why we are currently working on a new interface based on you feedbacks!...

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