How do I withdraw cryptocurrency?
To withdraw cryptocurrency from your Binapex balance, visit Balance section in your private account. Choose cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Binapex. Click «Withdraw» in the line of desired cryptocurrency. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and the number of wallet corresponding to cryptocurrency. Click «Send code». A confirmation code will be sent to your email address associated with your Binapex account, which you should enter in the appropriate field. Carefully double-check all entered data and press «Done». The application for the cryptocurrency withdrawal will be generated and after a while you will see the funds on your wallet indicated in the application.
What are the fees for withdrawing cryptocurrency?
It is not Binapex’s intention to make a profit when customers withdraw funds. However, each cryptocurrency has a transaction value for transferring over the network. That means Binapex has to charge a small amount, to cover the cost of such transaction. Check our Fees section to find out more.
Is it possible to withdraw fiat/cryptocurrency that is not supported by Binapex?
No. Binapex does not deal with additional conversion of one currency / cryptocurrency into another. You can only withdraw currency/cryptocurrency, available on your Binapex account.
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