My password is not working
If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the standard password recovery procedure. To do this, click "Forgot your password?" on the login page and follow the instructions. Password reset link will be sent to the email address you specified during the registration. Attention! To recover your password, you will need access to the email you provided when registering your account.
I do not receive email confirmations
It makes sense to look the missing e-mail up in the “Spam” folder of your mailbox. If you use Gmail, it would be a good idea to check “All mail” and “Promotions” folders. Please make sure that Binapex addresses (@ are not blacklisted in your email settings. If you fail to find the e-mail in mentioned folders, please make sure you’re viewing mailbox of the e-mail address associated with your Binapex account. No success? Try to add Binapex address to trusted senders and then request the confirmation once again.
How to delete my account?
In case you do not need your Binapex account anymore, you may just stop using it. It is impossible to delete all traces of your transactions and trades, they remain in the Binapex service network anyway. However, if you insist, we might deactivate this account. Please make sure you do not have any assets on this account left and submit your request to Support Team by creating a ticket. It will be deactivated within a certain period of time.
How to change the email address associated with my account?
It is impossible to change your email address because it is your unique identifier in Binapex system. New email address is a new Binapex account. You can create new account with the desired email and transfer your funds there.
I do not have access to my email
Your email address is your unique identifier on Binapex. It is not possible to change it. Sometimes an email address becomes deactivated and it is impossible to access it. It means that withdrawing funds from Binapex account would also be unavailable, because each withdrawal is confirmed via email.   How to prevent it? It is important to keep track of your email address on a regular basis. Don't leave it unattended: some email providers could deactivate unused addresses and issue them once again. It is recommended to use trusted and proven email providers like Gmail, Hotmail etc. Also it's vital to pay attention to email security. Since it is the key to your Binapex account, sufficient security measures should be taken, change your password on a regular basis.   How to deal with it in case it happens? Contact your email provider support team. Usually lost email account can be restored.
Someone has access to my account
You may detect it by one of the following events: - foreign trades and payments in your Reposts, which were not performed by you; - incoming notification emails which weren't requested by you; - foreign sessions and/or unknown activity in your account.   If you see some of these, follow steps below immediately: - Change your Binapex password and terminate all sessions; - Change the password of the email used during the account registration at Binapex; - Check your computer for malware; - Make sure that you are not using public/unprotected Wi-Fi connection.   By doing this you will take away the access to your account from possible intruders. Make sure that you will not face such situation again. Should you experience any problems with accessing your account in such case, please contact us by creating a ticket with a note: my account was hacked.
Someone created an account with my email
Received a welcoming email of successful registration at Binapex, which you have not requested? No worries. Somebody has typed your email into Binapex sign-up form. This is probably a mistake. However, it makes sense to change the password to your email address. We can delete this account if you wish. You have to submit a corresponding ticket. If there are no funds on it, an account will be deactivated after verification.
What is verification?
The law requires us to confirm your account by asking who you are and where you live. To open a basic account and start trading on Binapex, you simply need to confirm your email address and fill in the required fields of your user profile in your account. There are serious restrictions on depositing and withdrawing funds for unverified users. To remove those restrictions you have to verify your account. The verification procedure is similar to opening a bank account and requires supporting documents from you.
What information do I have to provide for verification?
To create an account we just need your full name, date of birth, address and phone number. To verify created account (to rise deposit and withdrawal limits) you will have to additionally provide: - a document with a photo proving your identity, issued by the government (passport, ID card); - address confirmation (utility bill would be enough).   Customers from USA have to provide SSN number. From clients residing in Germany and Japan a proof of identity is required. Residents of Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan, or any other jurisdiction where the services offered by Binapex are restricted, acknowledge and understand that they are prohibited from having an account, holding positions or entering into contracts at Binapex.
Why do I have to submit my personal information to trade on Binapex?
Binapex is taking all measures to prevent fraud and fully complies with KYC and AML policies for trading digital assets.
Legal, taxes, transaction history and user action log
Binapex does not provide any recommendations, consultation, or evaluations for:   - legal advice or regulatory compliance; - tax planning, preparation, or filing. Binapex does not provide tax forms or reports. - financial services or planning, and / or - trading or investment advice.   Customer identification, personal information, and records of deposits, withdrawals, and trading activity are confidential except as required by law or court order.
How to access your Binapex records?
You must log into your Binapex account, to access personal information and records for Orders, Deposits, Withdrawals and other actions on Binapex. Corresponding information can be found in your private account sections: Profile, Documents, Deposit history, Withdrawal history, Trading history and Log.
Why is my account disabled?
Possible reasons why your account can be disabled:   - You requested to disable your account; - We suspected your account was hacked and disabled it for your safety; - You attempted to verify your account with an identification document that has already been used on Binapex; - Your account was involved in irregular trading activity; - You violated the Binapex terms of service.
How to activate a disabled account?
You should create a corresponding ticket asking to activate your account. We may ask for additional proving documents or/and explanation of suspicious trades made from your account.
Multiple account policy
Currently Binapex does not allow creating multiple accounts for single user or organization. We automatically detect and disable new accounts linked to existing customers and/or verified using the same documents.