How to make a cryptocurrency deposit?
In order to deposit cryptocurrency to your Binapex balance, you have to visit Balance section in your private account. Choose cryptocurrency you wish to deposit from the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Binapex.   Attention! Be sure to untick «Active only» checkbox in the Balance section. If this box is checked, the system will show only those cryptocurrencies with positive balance.   Click «Deposit» in the line of desired cryptocurrency. A unique cryptocurrency wallet number will be generated for your account. Transfer cryptocurrency to the provided wallet number. When Binapex receives the system confirmation of the transaction, the amount you transferred will be credited to the specified wallet your balance will be replenished.
What are the fees for depositing cryptocurrency?
Binapex does not charge fees for depositing cryptocurrency. However, some cryptocurrency networks may withdraw small fee/payment for transaction. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid that. The amount less possible commission of the cryptocurrency network for conducting the transaction will be credited to your balance. The Binapex fee is 0%. Check our Fees section to find out more.
Can I mine directly to my Binapex wallet?
No. Binapex does not allow cryptocurrency mining to the generated Binapex wallet. All deposits to Binapex should be made using your personal wallets.