Binapex strives to provide safe and comfortable use of the platform for its clients. We believe in strict and conservative safety measures and we shall never put comfort before security.

User Security

User security is ensured with the help of second-factor authentication (2FA). Along with login and password, registered user is required to confirm his rights to access the resources of Binapex website, cryptocurrency and other assets stored at Binapex by entering 5-digit pin-code.

Security of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Binapex uses funds deposit and withdrawal system with multi-level control, which requires confirmation of the transaction (signature) from more than one person. All Binapex addresses are multisigned. All cryptocurrency funds of Binapex are stored in offline vaults.

Security system warrants that in case of unauthorized access to the system, which includes web-servers, trade mechanism and database, the attacker will not have access to a sufficient number of keys needed to steal funds.

Before sending, each application for withdrawal of funds is individually checked by at least two Binapex employees.

No secret keys are kept at cloud servers. For the storage of principal amount of funds, physical "cold" vaults are used.

All deposit addresses sent by the Binapex system are checked by an external service to ensure that they contain keys managed by the founders. If the keys do not match, the system shuts down immediately and trading stops.

System Security

Binapex hardware-software system is a multiserver solution. To gain access to all Binapex systems, several types of authentication are required, including the provision of hardware tokens. Data exchange between individual systems is possible only through authorized and controlled channels.

Trading System Security

The Binapex trading system has a multi-server architecture and is subject to regular auditing, which guarantees users of the Binapex trading system speed and reliability beyond comparison.

Binapex uses the system speed not only to increase the number of transactions per second, but also to perform a full risk check after each order placement, each transaction, execution of calculations, deposit and withdrawal of funds. The sum of all accounts in the system must always be zero. If this condition is not met, trading stops immediately.