1. General Conditions
    1. Promotion organizer: The organizer of «$50 upon registration» promotion is Binapex, Ltd.
    2. Promotion period: The promotion «$50 upon registration» is conducted between ХХ.ХХ.2019 and YY.YY.2019.
    3. Where to join: The promotion «$50 upon registration» is conducted on the Internet site https://binapex.com.
    4. Information for the participants: Information for the promotion participants can be found at https://binapex.com.
    5. These Rules of conduct and Participation conditions of «$50 upon registration» promotion are complete and posted on the website https://binapex.com.
    6. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to these Rules of conduct and Participation conditions with the obligatory publication of such changes on the website https://binapex.com.
  2. The Procedure of Conduct and Participation Conditions
    1. Any person who registered with Binapex cryptocurrency exchange, passed the standard account verification procedure and follows the Terms and conditions of Binapex services can participate in the promotion.
    2. The Promotion prohibits the participation of employees and representatives of Binapex Ltd, persons affiliated with them, members of the families of such employees and representatives, as well as employees and representatives of any other legal entities related to the organization and / or conduct of the Promotion, as well as members of their families.
    3. All new users registered with Binapex cryptocurrency exchange (https://binapex.com) within the promotion period from ХХ.ХХ.2019 to YY.YY.2019 are entitled to receive a stimulating bonus of $50 to their balance for a period of 30 calendar days at the registration. To participate in a promotion and to receive a $50 bonus, new user should visit his/her private account at Binapex (https://binapex.com) and enter the promotion code in the “Codes” section to activate a stimulating bonus. The Promotion Code can be found at Binapex main page (https://binapex.com) or on Binapex partner sites.
    4. The number of promotion participants is limited to 1000 users. After 1000 users activate the promotion code on Binapex website (https://binapex.com), further activation is impossible.
    5. If the number of activated promotion codes does not reach 1000, the last day when promotion code «$50 upon registration» can be used is YY.YY.2019.
    6. Stimulating bonus of $50 is meant to encourage newly-registered users to perform trading operations on Binapex cryptocurrency exchange (https://binapex.com) and cannot be withdrawn from Binapex user balance.
    7. Stimulating bonus of $50 can be received only once. Creating multiple accounts on Binapex (https://binapex.com) by a single user in order to receive multiple bonuses is prohibited.
    8. Stimulating bonus can be used only to perform trade operations on Binapex crypto exchange (to create orders, to sell and purchase cryptocurrency, to open margin positions) in order to gain profit.
    9. After 30 calendar days from the moment of the promotion code activation, the amount of the provided $ 50 stimulating bonus is deducted from the user's balance. If during the promotion user did not profit but suffered losses from Binapex trading operations using the stimulating bonus and the amount of all user assets on the Binapex balance is less than $ 50, only the amount of existing assets is deducted from the user's balance. There will be no debt owed by user to Binapex. The occurrence of negative balance is impossible on Binapex crypto exchange (https://binapex.com).
    10. The profit gained by user from trading operations using the stimulating bonus is a pure profit of Binapex (https://binapex.com) user and may be withdrawn according to Binapex general rules.
    11. 11. User can check the number of days left to use the stimulating bonus in the «Codes» section in the Binapex private account.
    12. To prevent possible losses of users and to maximize their profits, the use of a stimulating bonus of $ 50 is possible only on coin and token markets that were present on Binapex as of the beginning of the promotion ХХ.ХХ.2019. The use of the $ 50 stimulating bonus is not guaranteed on markets of certain low-liquid coins and tokens listed on Binapex after XX.XX.2019.
    13. User is allowed to use several codes of the promotions simultaneously conducted on Binapex (https://binapex.com) (for example, simultaneous use of the «$50 upon registration» and «$500 for deposit replenishment » promotion codes).
  3. Responsibility and liability of the promotion Organizer and Participant
    1. The promotion Organizer will not be liable for:
      • Non-fulfillment or violation of the promotion participation conditions by the Participant;
      • Failure of the Participant to familiarize with participation conditions.
        • Organizer reserves the right to:
          • Introduce changes to these conditions or to bring the Promotion to an early termination after the prior notice of such changes to the Participants by posting this information on Binapex website (https://binapex.com). This includes if, for any reason, any aspect of this Promotion cannot be implemented as planned, including the reasons caused by computer viruses, unauthorized interference, falsification, technical malfunctions or any reason beyond the control of the Organizer that distorts or affects execution, security, or proper conduct of the Promotion;
          • Not to enter into written negotiations or other contacts with the participants of the Promotion, except as required by these Rules;
          • Terminate the registration of the Participant and delete the created account if the Participant violates these Rules.
        • By taking part in the Promotion, the Participant confirms that he/she is fully aware of and agrees with these Rules.
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